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During your opponent's next Standby Section the outfitted monster is destroyed, and your opponent loses life factors equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. Dark Armed Dragon is the most effective monster on this GoEuro Coupon code Deck. Nevertheless, when you use Burst Stream of Destruction, Blue-Eyes White Dragon will not be capable of attack for the rest of the turn.

The Degree 7 DARK monster is a creature with tremendous powers. On paper, Darkish Horus is stronger than White Horned Dragon, but White Horned Dragon has a nasty impact. You can't Regular Summon or Set this card, and you may only Particular Summon it when you will have precisely 3 DARKISH monsters in your Graveyard.

Axe Dragonute is a Degree 4 Dragon-Type Effect Monster with 2000 ATK and 1200 DEF. When it is Regular or Particular Summoned, you may banish as much as 5 Spell Playing cards in your opponent's Graveyard. The Depraved Avatar's ATK and DEF becomes one hundred points higher than the monster with the highest ATK (excluding one other The Depraved Avatar).

Blue Eyes White Dragon is stronger than Red-Eyes White Dragon in both ATK and DEF making Blue-Eyes White Dragon the higher card. Red-Eyes Black Dragon has no impact, however there are a lot of cards that work nicely with Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Grenosaurus only has 2 XYZ Supplies, however that also means your opponent can lose up to 2000 life factors if Grenosaurus destroys 2 of your opponent's monsters by battle.

Pink-Eyes Black Dragon has no impact, however there are a whole lot of playing cards that help make Red-Eyes Black Dragon easier to play and capable of do more injury to your opponent. Inferno Fireplace Blast is a Spell Card that allows you to inflict damage to your opponent's life points equal to the original ATK of 1 Pink-Eyes Black Dragon that you just management (2400 damage).

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